Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Non union wage increases FY09

As promised yesterday... here is a followup to two previous posts (here and here) in which I asked the Personnel Committee Chairman:

For the current fiscal year, what were the payraises given to non-union staff? I don't want to know any specifics, but I am wondering about "salary banding" changes.... I don't want to know any names. I'm just wondering about general changes in the non-union salary bandings.

And though the Personnel Chairman seemed disinterested since he asked me to contact staff, the Town Manager promptly responded with this:Additionally, there was explanation given that some of these numbers were geared toward maintaining parity. Personally, I disagree with that. But I respect the TMs decisions.

Instead, I question the judgment of elected officials who seem to dismiss this out-of-hand. But why be surprised? We already know some people are willing to say anything to get elected, then promptly "forget" their campaign promises to town employees.

Tim White

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