Friday, May 15, 2009

The fair at Bartlem Park, 4.4% & tomorrow's protest

I stopped by the fair tonight... fun as usual. Ran into quite a few people.

The most interesting comment came from a friend who couldn't help from mentioning Mr. Leake. My friend said that if there's no recession in Cheshire, Mr. Leake should talk to the 37 people he just laid off from his company.

In speaking with someone else, the topic of tomorrow's Dodd protest was mentioned. I understand Channels 30 and 8 will be there tomorrow. I'd love to be there to publicly ask Mr. Dodd:

"Senator Dodd, on May 6 you told Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake that you would ask for the names of the banks that received the $10 trillion Fed bailout. Have you done so yet? If so, what was Mr. Bernanke's response? If not, will you be using the power of subpoena to determine what happened to our tax dollars?"

Tim White

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