Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cobern blasts "teabaggers"

And the Herald printed it.

I can only hope that neither the Herald nor Marty knew the meaning of "teabagging."

Here's a three-minute clip that explains both why I found Marty's letter in very poor taste and why I don't like David Schuster:*

Also worth mentioning since Marty decided to add such crude language to Cheshire's political lexicon... Marty's letter was in response to a letter from Tim Slocum. In Tim's original letter, he described Marty as "insufferable." The Herald deleted "insufferable" from the letter they ran.

And yes, I recognize there's worse language on this blog... so maybe I should just ignore this. But then this isn't exactly the MSM. I try to maintain some standards, but I believe there are different standards for volunteer blogs and professional journals.

Tim White

* I don't much care for any of the ideological reporters on Fox or MSNBC. I tend to prefer what I consider the more straight reporting of CNN.


Anonymous said...

finally someone willing to speak for themself publicly. Cobern for Mayor!!

Anonymous said...

That would make as much sense as electing Eliot Spitzer as Governor. oops, that already happened in NY.

Don't we have enough elitist arrogant self-righteous jerks in office already?

Anonymous said...

Vulgar, vulgar, vulgar. I’m not surprised that MSNBC lowered itself to gutter level, but even this is a new low for Marty Cobern and the Herald. Apparently the Herald finds the word "insufferable" to be offensive, but not “teabagging”. Vulgar!

Anonymous said...

Over the years I've sent in about 20 letters to the herald and about a dozen have been published. Each time they edit a word or two or perhaps "correct" the grammar of a sentence. It is always very annoying to me because every word in the letters I included for a reason. In my most recent letter they removed four complete sentences for no apparent reason and that totally changed the flavor of what I was saying. The next week some lunatic responded to my letter having misunderstood my intentions because my letter had been so drastically changed.

So based on this experience I would say that "teabagging" (and I was shocked, too, when I saw it) was left in deliberately or out of complete ignorance. Way to go, Herald!

Anonymous said...

great going marty. my 9th grader says that all the kids at the high school are talking about teabagging because of his letter. as if they weren't saturated enough by salacious overload. thanks, marty, for your special contribution to our youth.

Anonymous said...
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