Thursday, May 14, 2009

Solid Waste mtg 5/14

The low bidder, Coastal Sanitation, has already gotten into some hot water. Per:

1) discussion with the Town Manager; and

2) a letter from Travelers

Coastal Sanitation's "bid bond" is invalid... and in a pretty bad way. I don't want to get into details, but Travelers' Internal Investigation Unit has already been informed. I'm going to leave it at that for now.

The three Solid Waste Committee members (Altieri, Decaprio & me) forwarded a recommendation to the Council for a five-year contract with AJ. And of course, Matt and Laura offered their not-so-subtle "I told you so" comments. IMO though, we had to go out to bid.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

So as a Cheshire resident and then of course a Cheshire taxpayer - your honest opinion cost the town over a hundred thousand dollars just over the next year. Hmmmm - tell me again why it HAD to go out to bid??

Robert devylder mr said...

that's actually closer to $200,000. Don't forget the extra $200,000 for the bus contract for a grand total of almost $400,000 that wasn't budgeted

Robert DeVylder Jr. said...

What this town needs is an entire new group of council members. We need a group that can identify a deadline such as a contract expiration and act before the budget due date. We need less fighting between parties and more work in the interest of this town. We need councillers that are not afraid to cross party lines and will not let $400,000 go unbudgeted out of spite. We already know that the board of Ed has to rework their budget to accomidate bus service, so which town services are we going to loose for the garbage contract? Thanks to Tim and the rest of the council for doing nothing but bickering.

Anonymous said...

"tell me again why it HAD to go out to bid??"Because that is the way this town is suppose to do things. I am sure you would have all applauded if we were saving money too.
Time was not wrong in forcing them to go to bid on this. We need a TC to start following the rules that are set up for them, rather than allow their buddies to get contracts withouf having to bid.
I would much rather do the bidding then just give the contract to a business.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, you'd think people would be happy that the town made a very small start recently at a bit of transparency - - getting multiple bids for municipal services and then evaluating them to find the lowest responsive bidder.

If the first 3 commentators are typical of town residents maybe it's not a very good idea to maintain a town residence anymore?

Robert DeVylder Jr. said...

The timing of the sudden decision to be transparent is a little off. The town should have started when the economy was better and we were not looking at the tough cuts in the budget. If they started 3 years ago, this issue would never come up as presidence would have been set.

2 of the largest bids that were requested started as bid waiver requests. These vendors probably felt some anamosity to the town for pointing out their short-comings and decided to risk the contract by high bidding. It worked in their favor and the tax payers are paying for it.

Anonymous said...

If they did as you say, do you really want to do business with someone who takes advantage of you? The Town has a proceedure in place and it should be followed. Why did these people overbid would be a good question to ask them. It seems that they all know what is going on. No bid and we will give you a good price but go out to bid and we will shaft you. Not good business in my book. I rather pay more and deal with honest people.

Anonymous said...

Doesnt just happen to the town but happens everywhere. Landscapers and remodelers are notorious for jacking prices on jobs that they really dont want. Cheshire homes tend to pay hundreds more because the homeowners are pains in the ass

Anonymous said...

9:12 a.m. - -"...Cheshire homes tend to pay hundreds more because the homeowners are pains in the ass..."

Could it be that those you refer to have also been the cause for the election of the TC GANG of 5?

I too noticed that hiring local town folk labor often resulted in higher than expected bills. Now I only hire from outside the area.

9:12 a.m. I sure hope you're not one of those local business people purportedly overcharging us poor residents including those of us who are of the conservative town political minority.

Anonymous said...

Ya, I am one of those contractors. I get a boatload more working in Cheshire than I would in surrounding towns. I enjoy the laziness of Cheshire residents. They don't do anything for themselves and rather bark orders than ask questions.
You don't know who I am and I don't know who you are. I could be ripping you off!

Anonymous said...