Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cheshire legislators split on repealing the death penalty

The state House of Representatives voted 90-56 to repeal the death penalty. Cheshire's Reps split their votes:

Nardello - voted to repeal the death penalty
Fritz - voted to keep the death penalty
Esty - voted to repeal the death penalty

Personally, I don't care for it. But I feel it ought to available for very limited circumstances, including for what happened here. I'm guessing that the sentiments shared by Mary Fritz and me are also shared by most, though certainly not all, people in town.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

It is a very moral issue, but when you see what those animals did to the Petit family then justice must be served.
The state has to fix the system so the families of the victims don't have to wait years to see justice done. It is absolutely ridiculous that the first animal won't go on trial until January, 1 1/2 years after the crime. Then they will go through years of appeals while our tax money pays for their legal defense.
I say if they caught them red handed, there is no need for that long waiting period.
It is a shame that the families left behind are now the victims, waiting for someone to pay for what they did to their family.

The death penaly was truly meant for instances like this where there is no doubt what happened and who did it.

Anonymous said...

Esty is a radical who wears moderate positions around election time.

We need someone who understands what working families are going through, not just represents the double-Ivy households in town

Anonymous said...

It's bad enough that Esty and Nardello are against capital justice, but they also want to keep releasing habitual, violent criminals onto the streets (by opposing 3 Strikes).

In their world, only Bush and Cheney are evil, and 20-times convicted felons like Komisarjevky and Hayes should never be locked up for life.

Oh, but they're such beautiful people, not mean-spirited like the unenlightened mob in Cheshire.

Anonymous said...

hope the RTC in Cheshire is smart enough not to get involved with 3 strikes and the death penalty & stay with local issues that DIRECTLY affect Cheshire (taxes, budget, ) so we can pick up add'l seats on the TC.

Anonymous said...

There are two kinds of people who oppose the death penalty. There are those who are consistently pro-life, including on abortion. Then there are those who are anti-DP and pro-abortion rights.

Esty, Nardello, and most liberal Democrats are the latter: moral relativists. To them it's OK to "choose" to butcher an innocent baby, but it's not OK to execute a guilty murderer, even when there's no doubt of guilt.

I truly believe that these anti-DP liberals are subconsciously trying to compensate for being pro-abortion, to convince themselves that they are really moral and 'compassionate'. Just my theory, but a reasonable one.

Anonymous said...

there have been innocent people killed by the death penalty

Anonymous said...

Where is the deterrent? One kills someone and he/she is able to live forever on our dime. Something needs to be done(I'm not sure what). Today, with DNA testing etc. it is easy to confirm if one is guilty or not.

Anonymous said...

"there have been innocent people killed by the death penalty"There are a lot more innocent people killed by animals like the 2in Cheshire.

When was the last "innocent" person put to death in CT?

I say it should be used when there is no doubt in anyones mind, like the Cheshire case. Why let the lawyers bring up their family history and all the medical and mental problems these 2 have?That is what wastes tax payers dollars.

Anonymous said...

Fry'em all!!!

Anonymous said...

"there have been innocent people killed by the death penalty"

And, there have been murderers that were caught at the scene where there is absolutely no question of their guilt. In these cases, they should never be brought back to the station.

Anonymous said...

9:05 said - they should never be brought back to the station.

And if we were to do that, the United States might as well have Saddam Heuissen in control. Wait a sec, we have Barack Heuissen Obama!