Saturday, May 02, 2009

Teachers' union engages the BOE

The NHRs Luther Turmelle reports on some comments made by CEA President Jeff Leake:

The head of the local teacher’s union said Thursday night the town is not suffering from the effects of the recession and accused the Board of Education of making the district’s teachers scapegoats for cuts to the budget.

“There is no reason we should be doing this,” said Cheshire Education Association President Jeff Leake... “I don’t see any boarded-up stores, I don’t see any foreclosed homes.”

Leake was highly critical of the board members, who he said “are engaging in demagoguery” for suggesting the union has failed to work in good faith to come up with concessions.“That you are blaming the teachers in unconscionable,” Leake said.

Luther also offered some comments by the BOE Finance Chairman:

In addition to the six or seven layoffs called for in Florio’s budget, another 15 or 16 positions would be eliminated, Massey said.

Right now the schools have 413 teachers. I'm interested to see what that number will be on October 1 2009 - the next measurement date.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

The number will be 413, if that's the right number now??? These people are funny. The only time they will reduce teachers is when there are NO Children in the Cheshire school system and even then they will argue that they(teachers) are needed. No there are no borded up stores, but there are many vacant or struggling. How about the people on so called fixed incomes(they wish it was fixed)? If all the teachers were laid off there would be thousands applying for their jobs.

Anonymous said...

Leake's philosophy is "just keep sticking it to the taxpayers". Maybe he doesn't see boarded up houses or stores but that's not to say that people are really hurting. He feels that the teachers are the only people who shouldn't have to sacrifice. As far as the number of teachers is concerned we have been through this before and no teachers have been let go. This is the ploy used by the Supr. when times get tough. I too am VERY interested to see the number of teachers we have in October.

Anonymous said...

This man is too stupid to be a school teacher in Cheshire.

Is he incapable of reading a daily newspaper or watching a TV program and realizing we live in a global economy?

Does he not realize that state aid is dependent on the state budget which is running a multibillion dollar deficit?

Mr. Leake. here's something your master's degree didn;t teach you. A home is foreclosed in Phoenix. The mortgage is defaulted and a bond which financed the mortgage defaults. The hedge fund in Greenwich which holds the bond stops making a profit , stops paying CT taxes and lays off employees, depressing tax revenue.

Then Nancy Wyman forecasts billions in red ink and state aid to Cheshire gets cut.

Again, if you are too dense to figure this out maybe you ought to find a less intellectually taxing profession

Anonymous said...

It's a rather scary thing when a leading "educator" displays such astounding ignorance.

RealtyTrak reports there are well over 200 mortgages in default in Cheshire right now.

There are 6 scheduled auctions

Banks already own 103 homes

As for the "boarded up stores", maybe Mr. Leake ought to try and patronize PC's been closed for awhile. And hmmm...there's no tenant at the old Home Fabric Mills. Or the coffee shop on W. Main, and so on, and so on.....

Mr. Leake owes the taxpayers of Cheshire an apology for his incredibly insenstive ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Leake said the teachers were being made the scapegoat.

It seems like the union treats the students almost like hostages. Either we get what we want or the students will suffer. The students are a great bargaining chip.