Friday, May 15, 2009

The public demanded good government and likely will save $60,000

Agree with me or not, I am of the view that the trash hauling contract needed to be bid. Recognizing that, I want to thank those of you who worked to build "bipartisan support" for adding the three-year and five-year options into the bid specs. As you can see here:Your efforts appear to have saved the town $60,000 next year.

Ensuring good government requires effort. But public outcry does make a difference. Even Bush's bailout got rejected by the House the first time it came to a vote last fall.

Tim White


Robert DeVylder Jr. said...

Looks like you are circling the drain and looking for anything to hold onto. You can also make the headline "The public got screwed by the government and will loose $140,000"

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at you sounds like you are grasping for anything you can.
First you said it cost the tax payers $200,000, then you said $400,000, now it's $140,000.
You are beginning to sound like that old Jon Lovitz character on Saturday Night Live..."that's the ticket, and I am married to Morgan Fairchild".

By the way, the word is lose, not "loose". Thank you Sheshire school system.

Robert DeVylder Jr. said...

I did not realize that my spelling was so important to so many people. Lets take a look at the history of the trash contract:
03/04 Waste Management charged the town $1,492,999 for hauling and tipping
04/05 AJ Waste charged the town just for hauling $770,724 (town paid tipping fees - total was $1,232,809) Town saved $260,190 first year of 5 year contract
07/08 AJ Waste charged town $865,815 (town paid tipping fees - total $1,317,785) Town saved $175,214 from WM final year. (didnt use current year as year has not ended yet)
2/6/09 AJ submits bid waiver for $874,385
2/12/09 AJ's offer printed in Record Journal
3/4 - Bids requested
4/30 - Bids opened
5/2 Bids announced Coastal Sanitation appears to win 5 year deal @ 763,050 vs AJ's 1,019,999 first year
Last Thursday night - Coastal gets caught by town with an invalid bid bond. AJ endorsed by Solid Waste Committee for $1,019,999 (1,019,999 - 874,385 = $145,614)

The town is only saving $60,000 by taking the 5 year deal but is spending $145,614 more than if it took the 1 year waiver.

Add the 145,614 to the roughly $200,000 increase to the bus contract and we have $345,614.

Anonymous said...

"The town is only saving $60,000 by taking the 5 year deal but is spending $145,614 more than if it took the 1 year waiver."

And you know for a fact that if we took the 1 year deal this year and put it out to bid next year that we would not be paying more in those 5 years?

We have policies in this town for a reason, we should not just give a 1 year extension on contracts withou putting it out to bid...PERIOD!
For some reason, you can't understand that. I would much rather a 5 year contract then a 1 year contract, especially in this economy.

As for your wonderful Cheshire school system education, you were the one who was trying to impress us with your wisdom and mentioned that. All we are doing is showing what you really are, a person who would like to atttack the 1 TC member who cares about this town, while you have your own agenda (especially with AJ's).

If it weren't for Tim, many of us would not have any knowledge of what is going on in this town.

Robert DeVylder Jr. said...

But what sense does it make to sign any contract over 1 year since we do not know where we will be hauling our trash to after the first year? AJ's bid is probably higher than their initial offer because there is the chance that they will have to haul to Hartford. We could have saved $145,000 with the waiver and had a more accurate idea of what the following year would cost. If we continue to haul to Wallingford, we could be saving $125,000 - $150,000 over the 5 year contract. There is still too much uncertainty in the near future to say this is the best way to proceed.

"If it weren't for Tim, many of us would not have any knowledge of what is going on in this town."

Attend a meeting. Council meetings and subcommittee meetings are open to the public. The adjenda is made public ahead of time so you could decide if you want to attend or not.

I am "attacking" Tim because he gives the forum to do so. As far as the waste contract goes, Tim said that he could agree with a 1 year waiver if not for the FORMER owners legal problems.

"As for your wonderful Cheshire school system education, you were the one who was trying to impress us with your wisdom and mentioned that."

WOW!! I make 1 reference to being a CHS grad 3 months ago and it still comes up. I think it is rather petty that this is the best you can do to attack me. All you are really doing is attacking our school system. Where did you graduate?

Anonymous said...

Yes, you can attend the council meetings and watch the 5 Dems follow their script without ever raising a question to be sure the citizens interests are protected.

They look so bored when Sima, Slocum, Ruocco and White try to get get to the heart of a proposal. You tell the 5 Dems aren't listening to anything that is not on their script. Who is thier puppeteer?

Thanks Tim for keeping us informed. Why can't the 5 Dems represent their constituents?represented by the 5 Dems.

Anonymous said...

That reference you ,made was a week ago when you tried to show that we lost $400K using that fuzzy math that the Dems are so good at, not 3 months ago. I learned real math and real economics (along with proper English) from very fine parochial schools.
As for attending council meetings and seeing the agendas, not all of us are available in the evenings to attend. We also know that not everything is disclosed at these meetings and in the agendas. Thank God Tim will share many of the behind the scenes happenings that no other TC member will. Even you should admit that.
Tim also gives us the forum to refute every item you try to bring to the table, you actually make it pretty simple.
I also would like to know your relationship with AJ's. When you say the "FORMER" owners, you are making it sound like they sold the company to strangers. They kept it all in the "family". You must have some connection there the way you are protecting them.
By the way, if all you got out of my posts was that I was picking on your education, then you aren't reading and comprehending properly.

Tim is loyal to his town and the people who live here. All he does is try to make sure things are done in the proper way. To attack him for that is totally ridiculous.
You are beginning to look like a fool DeVylder.

Robert DeVylder Jr. said...

I've already responded to the question about my relationship with AJ Waste. I will not repeat myself again.

I get a kick out of some of these posts. People are complaining that the 5 Democtats are ruining this town because the Republicans cant get things their way. If the Republicans were to win the majority, they would be no better than the Democrats. The party system is an antiquatied system that harms government more than helps.

Personally, I would love to know who kept posting about Tims inteligence. You could have been included in it. What part of the town overpaying for a service did you miss? How is it not obvious that the budget proposed to the council was instantly worthless as soon as Milone opened his mouth? Tim realized that the town is going to LOSE money so he is covering it up like a true polititian by using the word "save" to take the spotlight away from the spending or loss. I dont know any other way to make it any clearer.

Anonymous said...

Loved the slam the R's got from the Herald editor today.