Monday, May 25, 2009

Retirement incentives offered to teachers

From the NHRs Luther Turmelle:

The Board of Education has approved a plan that will let district teachers pick from one of three early retirement options that will reduce $200,000 to $250,000 in salary costs from the school system’s budget for fiscal year 2009-10.

“I’m glad we got it done at this point,” said Florio. “It’s a mixed blessing in that you’re losing some good veteran teachers and we’re still eliminating 20 positions, but it’s going to minimize the number of teachers we’re going to lay off. At this point, I’d say the number is only one or two.”

The options that the teachers will choose from are: Taking a $10,000 payment in each of the next three years; full medical benefits for the retiring teacher and their spouse for three years; full medical benefits only for the retiring teacher and $5,000 in cash in each of the next three years.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

“It’s a mixed blessing in that you’re losing some good veteran teachers and we’re still eliminating 20 positions, but . . .”

The superintendent shouldn't worry too much about losing those favorite senior teachers. In addition to handing them a pile of cash beyond the 4.3% pay raise they no doubt will be back. This tax payer would not be surprised to learn that next year in addition to counting their cash they will also be substitute teachers. Maybe some will also find new jobs within town government too.

The superintendent should let everyone in town know come September just how the 09/10 pupil count compares to the pupil count in 2004 along with a detailed teacher count comparison for the same period.

Anonymous said...

There's a total of 16 retirements - quite a jump from the original 4 or 5 that the superintendent said there was.

Don't be surprised if no teachers get laid off.

I wonder if with this new found savings in the budget if the boe will use $100,000 to offset that participation fee that was expected to raise approx $100,000 - Or is the superintendent still going to charge students to participate in sports?

Anonymous said...

I hope you're wrong--otherwise, this is the same dance that will be done every year...

Robert DeVylder Jr. said...

They still need to find $200,000 to cover the new bus contract. I doubt the participation fee will go away any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Some on the BOE said they should ask the council for any difference in the bus contract. Maybe the council should skip the building consultant and transfer that $159,000 (that's already in their budget - 119,000+40,000)to the BOE.

Or better yet, the BOE, according to Florio will save 200K to 250K in the salary account - the boe said they'd need 150K to 200K for the bus contract; so there could still be 50 to 100K available. Plus with 1 or possibly no layoffs, they won't need that $34K in the unemployment account.

They've got the money - they just need to redistribute it more effectively.

Anonymous said...

GM is going into bankruptcy. Too bad we couldn't force the the school system into bankruptcy too.

It would give us the opportunity to fix this dinosaur.

Anonymous said...

right.. bankruptcy would fix everything. The towns credit rating plumits to 0, suppliers refuse to ship w/o full payment in advance, school system accredidation gets jeopardized, schools are less attractive to people moving into town decreasing property values, state takes over control. That would be MUCH better