Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ever seen a security guard work while wearing a blindfold?

The liberal Congressman from Orlando, Alan Grayson, drives home a point in this five minute YouTube clip. The Federal Reserve has printed $2 trillion $10 trillion in the past year. And even the Federal Reserve's so-called Inspector General doesn't know where the money went doesn't know such a thing happened!

I thank Congressman Ron Paul for jumpstarting a national dialogue on the problems with:

1) Fiat money;
Fractional reserve banking; and the
Federal Reserve

Also worth noting, Dr. Paul's HR 1207 now has 134 cosponsors since he introduced it on February 26. Unfortunately though, it seems that CTs entire House delegation is opposed to transparency and opposed to good government when it comes to the Fed.

Tim White

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Tim White is an idiot