Monday, May 04, 2009

Obama and Goldman sittin' in a tree...

Despite the fact that President Obama ran against "Bush's failed economic policies," little has changed on that front between the two presidents. For instance, you may recall Bush's bailout was announced to the world on Friday September 19, 2008.

And what was then-Senator Obama doing that fateful day? If you want to see the NYTimes' picture of him and his "advisors," click here.

That's right. Obama was hangin' with one of his economic advisors, Robert Rubin (D-Goldman). Apparently President Obama feels it's better to take advice from Rubin (D-Goldman), than it is to take advice from Hank Paulson (R-Goldman). Go figure.

Anyway... what was Obama saying that memorable day?

Jackie Calmes compares him to his opponent, Senator John McCain, in the same NYTimes piece:

Mr. Obama struck a more cautious and bipartisan chord. Mr. Obama delayed release of his own plan’s details until the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve release their blueprint.

“I’m much less interested — at this point — in scoring political points than I am in making sure that we have a structure in place that is sound and actually going to work,” he said at a campaign stop in Miami.

In other words, Obama was saying "I have no governing philosophy on monetary policy or economic policy. And I don't want anyone to know that. So I, and all the other politicians, should step aside and allow the adults to take over."

Problem is, Robert Rubin is a member of The Political Class. He doesn't represent Joe Sixpack. But apparently Obama has such poor judgment that he believes Rubin has the best interest of middle class America at heart.

Last September, most Americans saw the bailout for the colossal mistake that it was. That's why the first House vote failed. But The Political Class, including Rubin (D-Goldman), proved overwhelming for middle America and we lost. But that's all fairly well-known history. The behind the scenes story is just beginning to unfold.

To be continued...

Tim White

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