Wednesday, January 07, 2009

RNC Chair candidates vie for support of Paulistas

In case you hadn't heard, there's a six-way race on for RNC Chairman. The WSJ has this piece on yesterday's CSpan televised debate, focusing on the "Ron Paul" factor. Specifically, the wannabee Chairmen were asked about capturing the enthusiasm of Ron Paul's supporters in the GOP.

I saw the video and think they basically missed the critical issue.

As I see it, the single biggest difference between Ron Paul and most of the GOP is his opposition to preemptive war. So I offer this as a start to reconciling that difference...

The GOP should speak to Paulistas on two policies:

1) monetary policy - fiat money or sound money? The GOP should have that discussion. From my perspective that discussion hasn't happened in decades and the GOP has no grand philosophical view on monetary policy.

2) fiscal policy - demand balanced budgets. The problem here is credibility. The GOP has none, particularly in light of the bailout. The GOP needs new, credible faces to do the talk show circuit. Congressmen John Shadegg and Jeff Flake (both Arizona) and Senators Jim Demint (SC) and Tom Coburn (OK) could be new, credible faces for the party. Unfortunately, when the stations call... they call the caucus-elected "leaders." So credible conservatives never become known.

If the GOP avoided speaking to Paulistas about Iraq and Afghanistan, it may have a chance of capturing the enthusiasm that permeated the New Hampshire air one year ago today. But then, fiscal policy would come into immediate conflict with war spending... so this strategy is not without hurdles.

Addressing monetary policy and fiscal policy would go a long way toward capturing that enthusiasm that could move mountains. So I suggest the national GOP take my advice.

And for what it's worth... if the GOP doesn't take it... re-read my comments. I see nothing there that is an immediate dealbreaker for the Dems. So if Obama is really smart....

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Tim Obama is promising trillion dollar deficits ad infinteum.

All they offer the Paulistas is complaints about Bush's failures, which they intend to repeat themselves times a factor of ten.

tim white said...

I'm not expecting the budgets of the incoming Prez to be anymore responsible that the outgoing one.

And based on current reporting, the incoming one will make the outgoing one look responsible.