Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Crusher and Speaker Quid Pro Quo do believe we're that stupid

The Courant editorializes on the recently disclosed deal between Gubernatorial candidate and former Speaker Jim Amann Crusher and his replacement Chris Donovan Speaker Quid Pro Quo:

The whole incident makes you wonder how stupid they think the electorate is. Blatant cronyism doesn't play well at any time. But when people are out of work, losing their savings and relying on legislators to ease some of their pain, this deal was an insult and a trust-buster...

The Courant continues...

Both men owned up to their mistake. But Mr. Amann still doesn't get it. He actually admitted he was in it for the health insurance, but no longer needs the state coverage. The man who would be governor said he sought the job because he had been quoted prices as high as $17,000 a year for health insurance. Where has he been?

Too bad that's just an extension of another bogus argument. Crusher's wife works at St. Raph's. And Crusher claims to have worked on healthcare issues. Yet he says that it was only after his fraud was exposed that he learned he could get healthcare coverage through his wife at St. Raph's.

News flash to the Courant... Yes. Amann and Donovan do believe we're that stupid.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

If they wanted to give him a job just to keep him on the health plan ( which is that expensive; I was on it vis COBRA for a few months); why didn;t they offer Amann a lesser paid (say 40K)job?

Naw, the intent here was to juice Amann's pension by having it calculated off a 120K/yr base

Anonymous said...

And this man wants to be our governor?
Anyone who votes for him is "stupid".
He is a manipulator and egotist....ahhh..a typical politician in the manner of Rowland, DeLuca, & Gaffey.
Rell should be able to walk into another term.

jacker said...