Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mark Davis reports on Gaffey's double-billings

Channel 8's Mark Davis gives this report on Gaffey's problems.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Only little people get caught and get punished.

Why can't little people just say," Oh, I just made a mistake", or "Oh, I forgot",or "Oh, I thought my lawyer, agent, wife, campaign chairman or my child was going to take care of that"? Why don't they believe little people instead of punishing them and sending them off to jail?

And today, we read that the new House Speaker, Donovan, joined the Pay to Play group by hiring Ammon, the previous House Speaker, to be his advisor at a cost of $120,000 to the the little people. Who is the real Speaker of the House?

We're looking like Illinois.

Anonymous said...

watch them fire teachers, troopers and prison guards while old politicians get megabucks

technology said...