Friday, January 23, 2009

WSJ online on Geithner's taxes

The WSJ online currently has some great letters that speak the truth about Obama's Treasury Secretary-designate, Tim Geithner.

My strong opposition to Geithner is based on his opposition to transparent, accountable government. But I do appreciate this letter in particular:

I think Mr. Geithner's plan to boost the economy is perfect. Forget TARP and forget choosing which politically favored banks and industries to save. Simply tell each taxpayer to forget to pay some taxes. This will have a direct impact on spending and will boost consumer confidence

Paul Dembry
Los Gatos, Calif.


Tim White

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Anonymous said...

Where was the WSJ when it came to the Dot Com companies going bust and all of the banking irregularitites (off-balance sheet acc'ts, sub-prime mortages..etc)??? Why quote them? THEY are part of the problem!!