Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Layoffs at the MRJ

From the MRJs Mary Ellen Godin:

The Record-Journal Publishing Co. will begin outsourcing its printing and distribution next month to The Springfield Republican in Springfield, Mass., company officials announced Tuesday. The decision eliminates 17 full-time jobs and 28 part-time jobs.

And that's the bad news for the Cheshire-area economy. But on the flipside, I'm guessing that the MRJ has added at least one or two full time positions due to their online presence.

IMO, the MRJs website is the best of the four local papers (along with The Herald, NHR and WRA). The MRJ offers the editor's blog and - what I think is great - posting of news articles throughout the day. The WRA and NHR typically post only once a day - at midnight or so. The Herald is changing and I haven't spent much time there yet, so can't comment.

The Register does have one feature I like that the MRJ doesn't have though... commenting on articles. The NHR doesn't seem to get many comments. But when people become aware of the feature, comments (many of which are insightful) become part of the story. Look no further than the Courant. They've got some great reader interaction.

Tim White

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