Monday, January 19, 2009

Gaffey is ethically impaired

I commented on the latest Gaffey scandal a few days ago. Now the Courant editorializes:

There's no question state Sen. Thomas Gaffey is ethically impaired. Revelations about his fast-and-loose accounting and double-billing, and complications surrounding his romantic attachments have caused the Senate repeated embarrassments...

A review of state records by The Courant shows he billed his political action committee and the state several thousand dollars for the same hotel stays and legislative conferences. Although the state reimbursed him, Mr. Gaffey failed to repay his PAC.

The Courant wants him censured, but considering his long history of impairment... would a censure mean anything?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Gaffey's doings are enough to make a septic tank vomit. Shame on all those who voted for him.

Anonymous said...

Time to say a long overdue...GOOD BYE GAFFEY...

Email a letter to the Meriden Record Journal, the Waterbury Republican and the Cheshire Herald asking for the Senate Democrats to investigate and discpline Tom Gaffey. Spread the word to others in the 13th District.

Call the Senate Democratic office today or tomorrow and leave a message: Then call the Senate Republicans and tell them not to let the Democrats get away with it. That will make them feel we have their backs.

860-240-8600 - Democrats
860-240-8800 - Republicans

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