Friday, January 16, 2009

Hot off the presses: pool locker room problems

From Town Hall this afternoon (Fri Jan 16 2009):

As a result of a louver malfunction in the boiler room at the pool, the temperature in the room dropped dramatically, and the water in the boiler froze and expanded, bursting the tank. At this time there is no running hot water in the bathrooms or showers; the pool water has not been effected.

We have two choices; to replace the broken parts if such a repair is even possible, which could take up to eight weeks; or, to install a replacement boiler at a cost of approximately $28,000 to $32,000. Most (if not all) of the costs of replacement would be covered by our insurance, and we have received authorization from our insurance company to proceed with the replacement boiler, so we have chosen that solution. The work is expected to take most of the day tomorrow. There is a heavy usage schedule tomorrow, so no activities are being cancelled, however, all patrons are being notified that there will most likely be no running hot water for the day.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

And who might I ask is getting this job? Gee, I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Of course, there's a third choice - shut the place down.

tim white said...

I know the current Council majority wants to ignore the pool. But their attitude is unacceptable. Nonetheless, it's obvious that one needs padded kid gloves if one is to discuss the pool with the majority.

So a year ago I found a pair of double-padded kid gloves and suggested a Request for Information as a means to move forward.

The majority didn't understand the phrase Request for Information and they continue sticking their heads in the sand.

Keep in mind though, if they had taken action a year ago... we may now have "shovel-ready" project that could be funded with Obama's Money Tree.

And what did we do instead of taking action on the pool? We talked about turf... creating a new project, instead finishing existing ones.

Anonymous said...

Why is it a crashed Airbus seems to be more watertight than our pool?

tim white said...

I know the current Council majority wants to ignore the pool.

Correction: four members of the majority are comfortable ignoring the pool.

The newest member of the majority was the first Council member to start voting against the pool a decade ago.

Anonymous said...

Bad luck and poor design is what the pool has.

Anonymous said...

A good question: why was the malfunctioning louver not caught by building maintenance staff or our current contractor maintaining the equipment room? Did the louver just break? Probably not.

Anonymous said...

I think they should change the sign to read - Cheshire Community Money Pit

Anonymous said...

I hope it is not another case of where our favorite local contractor finds numerous design problems and is unable to proceed without a redesign of the entire building, a redesign of the boiler to use biofuel, new water lines from So. Main and plenty of more money.

tim white said...

If my understanding is correct, WB had nothing to do with this boiler prior to Saturday. Nonetheless, they showed up and immediately began working to correct the problems created by someone else.

I have no idea who "owned" this prior to Saturday.

Regardless, if my understanding is correct, then I'm very much appreciative of the work that's being done to fix the problem.

Of course, I still think the Council has too many people who are willing to ignore all of these problems with the pool. Perhaps November will help them see the light?

Anonymous said...

It's my understanding that WB was the company maintaining the pool boiler.

tim white said...

Well, that sounds bad. But we need to understand the situation more clearly.

But I doubt we'll ever know what happened... at least not until November.

googler said...