Saturday, January 17, 2009

My thoughts on the senior tax relief votes

A resident asked me to further explain my thoughts on last week's senior tax relief program, so here goes...

I want to provide as much tax relief as I can to everyone*. However, I believe someone who makes $15,000 / yr needs more help than someone who makes a living wage. For that reason I prefer the senior tax credits over the tax freeze - as seen in my votes last week.

My explanations follow, but really piggyback on Tom Ruocco's comments:

The tax freeze simply freezes one's taxes. And if one was already paying more than one could afford, the tax freeze is not enough. However, Tom's comments make clear the value of the tax credits that have actually reduced the tax burden of some.

Here I explain my thoughts on how the tax credits are well-suited to helping those most in need:

Also if we focused on the tax credits for those making, say, $30,000 / yr... we could actually reduce their already burdensome taxload, rather than just freezing it.

Finally, here I offer my thoughts on the tax credits and compare them to the tax freeze:

I hope this helps people understand my thoughts on the senior tax relief program.

Tim White

* we all know spending is the real issue