Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Town Hall meetings 1/21

6pm - Retirement Board - Discussion and action on the UBP strategy. Keeping my fingers crossed that I again hear these investments are untouched by Bernie Madoff.

7pm - Solid Waste Committee - solid waste / recycling collection contract... this should be AJ-related stuff... and unrelated to trash disposal.

7:30pm - Personnel Committee - Town Mgr's mid-year review, personnel negotiations, Councilman Turf's review of this blog.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

What do u mean review of this blog?

Anonymous said...

Do you suppose the town manager will state, as the superintendent did, that he doesn't expect a raise? I suppose it would be a nice gesture, but there could be more savings by garaging all the town take home cars and any other perks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe councilman turf has read this blog and realizes that the turf grant money is not wanted by many of the bloggers. Maybe he has come to his senses and is ready to return the money to the State so they can put it to better use.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and Hell is freezing over...

tim white said...

What do u mean review of this blog?

haha... just checking to see if people are reading these meeting postings... although... there was a grain of truth to the statement... some members of the Council have a new hobby... telling me how this blog makes me uncollaborative. Of course, that's no different than Bush or Obama telling Pelosi or Boehner to "shush!"

jacker said...