Tuesday, January 20, 2009

There will be no real investigation of Gaffey

State Senate Republicans are calling for an investigation of fellow state Senator Tom Gaffey (D-Meriden). Unfortunately for them, having sidestepped the Deluca arrest for six long months back in 2007... they have little credibility on this type of stuff.

Separately, the CTGOP Chairman is calling for the Chief State's Attorney, Kevin Kane, to investigate Gaffey:

"By his own admission, Gaffey has broken the public trust," Healy said. "Sen. Gaffey's casual disregard for the rules and his flagrant misuse of state funds and campaign contributions more than qualifies for further investigation and punishment." (by Amanda Falcone)

But there's a risk in Chairman Healy's request. As many regulars here know... the state's attorneys are handicapped in CT.

They have no power of subpoena. So it could give credibility to claims of no wrongdoing... when we may actually have nothing, but an inconclusive answer.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

"As many regulars here know... the state's attorneys are handicapped in CT."

The fact that they took the power away from the state's attorneys shows how the corrupt the legislators are. Aren't there enough honest and decent legislators to give the state attorneys back the power to investigate the crooks? How can honest people stand to be thought of as just another one of crooked politicians? Right now the crooks have a green light to do anything they want and that's why our state is known as Corrupticut.

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