Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cheshire's "shovel-ready" wish list

A couple weeks ago I posted on the tentative list of Cheshire's "shovel-ready" projects that would be sent to Obama Claus.

Here is the cover letter and list that was sent:

I commend the Town Manager on creating a responsible list of requests. Across the nation, I have no doubt there will be many Chief Executives who even request a kitchen sink. And frankly, I can see why.

The printing presses are officially running. And if you go on the basis that the dollar is rapidly devaluing, then why not get as many projects done ASAP... before the dollar collapses? Sure, that's still a stretch. But is it a gamble worth taking?

While Cheshire is taking the responsible route and not requesting $20 million to replace all of our town roads in 2009, in a world where money grows on trees... I think normally outlandish requests suddenly have some merit. Regardless, I appreciate the responsible approach being taken.

This also reminds me of one of the fundamental problems with Big Government - who decides the merits of the project? How can Obama (or his people) know the value of repaving Abrams Road versus Winding Trail Lane? If the Strathmore Dam was "shovel-ready," would it be eligible... even if it was not yet owned by the Town? And we're only Cheshire - 1% of CT, which is 1% of the country.

There is absolutely no way for Washington to have any real sense of which projects are worthy and which are not. The whole premise is based on projects being "shovel-ready." But who is going to define that?

This whole "stimulus package" sounds to me like another bailout... and where did that money go?

Btw, I bet Councilman Turf was none too pleased with this list.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I must admit, the list of "shovel ready" projects accumulated by our TM is honest and transparent. I do believe that if all municipalities were as forthright with their compilation of S/R projects as Michael Milone has here, then this plan will work to stimulate the failing economy.

As for the first $350 bil stimulus/bailout package..I would love to see where every dime of our tax dollars went. There should be a comprehensive list as shown in the letter to Gov. Rell in which anyone can take this list, go to that project site and see our money at work.

To date, I have not yet been privy to and projects or recipients of the first $350 bil. Does anyone know where I can find such a document, I would love to see if other States/Municipalities were as Transparent as Cheshire, CT.


tim white said...

MJR... the $350B and $350B (composing Bush's $700B Billionaire Bankers' Bailout) are unrelated to Cheshire's "shovel-ready" list.

The "shovel-ready" list relates to Obama Claus' $775B Stimulus Porkage.

For clarity, it's two different trees on which this money grows... or well, maybe one tree (an Obama Tree) and one Bush.

Anonymous said...


Any Idea where any of the first $350 billion went? I mean how much? To whom? For what? and what was the positive results?


tim white said...

No, not with any detail. Though Webster got $400 million.

As for me, I opposed it from the get-go.