Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gaffey under investigation... again.

From the Courant (By JON LENDER And EDMUND H. MAHONY):

A veteran Democratic state senator double-billed the state and his own political action committee for thousands of dollars' worth of expenses for travel and posh hotels over a four-year period, state records show.

The payments to 14-year Sen. Thomas P. Gaffey, D-Meriden, are now under investigation by the State Elections Enforcement Commission...

This is not Gaffey's first expense-billing scrape. In 2002, it was revealed that he and another state legislator, then employed by the trash agency, collected state legislators' mileage reimbursements for their trips to and from their homes to Hartford in trash agency vehicles, but had lagged thousands of dollars behind in reimbursing the trash agency for their personal mileage on the same vehicles.

In addition, Gaffey received some unwelcome attention about a year ago when Courant columnist Kevin Rennie revealed that Gaffey was having an affair, confirmed in e-mails, with Connecticut State University System legislative liaison Jill Ferraiolo while he aggressively pushed a billion dollars in bonds for the university system. Rennie also wrote that Gaffey had long made incomplete disclosures on the use of the PAC credit card.

Anyone else reminded of that now-famous image of Duh Guvernator explaining his all-too-frequent encounters with women in his earlier days?

"Well... you know... where there's smoke, there's fire!"

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Just another story out of one of the biggest players in Corrupticut!

It amazes me how he can hold down a $100K a year job with CRRA and still do all the tasks asked of him for the state legislature. Now he says he was too busy to notice that he didn't reimburse his PAC. Sure wasn't too busy to submit the reimbursement paperwork though.

This person is not a very hones man and I sure hope the state reprimands him or he resigns. This same thing happened in 2002.

When do we say enough?

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of people in this state who would vote for Eliot Spitzer if he ran as a Democrat here in CT. Even after he lured their daughter into prostitution. Especially in some parts of Gaffey's district.

Quod Felix said...

Elizabeth Esty for State Senate!

tim white said...

Quod... I tried to convince her a year ago. Ain't gonna happen.

But if Murphy primaries Dodd and opens up the CT-5 seat...

Anonymous said...

Is no one from Meriden embarrassed by this greedy buffoon? I suppose this city knows not the meaning of shame

Anonymous said...

He just got re-elected. This was never brought out during the election? Why?