Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ordinance Review agenda - Feb 5

There's an Ordinance Review Committee meeting next Thursday at 7:30pm in Town Hall.

Here are the agenda items for discussion:

3. Video-streaming on website.
4. Aquifer fees ordinance amendment.
5. Volunteer firefighters’ tax abatement extension.
6. Public Building Commission ordinance revision.
7. Demolition delay ordinance.
8. Historic District fees.
9. Massage parlor ordinance.
10. Parking tickets and alarms fines ordinance.

Two of the items jump out at me. First is the videostreaming - I support it 100%. Second is the massage parlor ordinance. I don't know the details of the proposed ordinance, but I really dislike the idea of fingerprinting every masseuse in town. It's too much big brother for me.

Tim White

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