Friday, January 16, 2009

Crusher continues porking the taxpayers

From the Courant's Christopher Keating:

Former House Speaker James Amann was hired Friday as a $120,000-per-year sidekick senior adviser to his successor, Speaker Christopher Donovan.

In his new position, Amann will help Donovan allocate the Speaker's annual slush fund of $12,000,000 on both administrative issues such as creating new, useless, $120,000/yr "jobs" and important pieces of legislation such as anything advocated by Councilman Turf. He will also be campaigning for Governor organizing regional meetings with both contributors business groups and letter writers advocates on a variety of wasteful spending opportunities legislative topics that benefit his cronies.

Wow... I almost forgot to strikeout a bunch of extra words that are not in the real article. And that's lucky for me because if I hadn't, I might get crushed!(compliments CTBob!)

Some of you may recall, while Councilman Turf spent years engineering his project... it was Crusher who actually approved the $525,000 from his $12,000,000 slush fund.

And the graciousness of former Speaker Amann should also be noted. In case you didn't know, the state House had a history of Speakers retiring after two terms (four years). That tradition was broken by the past two Speakers who served six years each. Then this past summer, Crusher announced his desire to return to the tradition of a two term Speaker... as he simultaneously let people know that he was running for Governor.

I'm sure there was no quid pro quo in which Crusher made a deal with incoming Speaker Donovan that he'd leave two years early in exchange for this $120,000/yr job. Right?

Here's the NHRs take.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

What a PIG!
The state is in tough ways and he has a job created for him that pays $120,000 a year??Layoffs will probably happen and he takes money for doing this?
How does he think he can do that job, be a state legislator, do a job with the MS Society as a fund raiser for $60k and run for governor all at the same time? Somewhere it will not work...or he won't work.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pay to play, but it's done with our money.

Both of these people should be given a John Roland vacation.

Anonymous said...

When I think about all the people that work so hard to support MS and that $60,000 goes to pay this political boss, it certainly is disturbing.

I wonder if he will qualify for a retirement from the House of Representatives, a retirement from his new state job as Donovan's brain, a retirement from MS and a govenor's retirement if he were to be elected.

intelligence said...