Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Norton results roundup 2008

In the five offices up for election, all went Democratic:

Obama, Murphy, Gaffey, Nardello & Looker

But interesting to me... not all the referenda passed. Question 5 - the Mixville Pump Station - failed at Norton... and I'm confident it failed across the town.

Excluding absentee ballots, here are the Norton School results:

Anyone care to opine on the reason Mixville Pump Station failed? My immediate reaction is that most people want to reduce spending and also realize it has no direct impact on them (I think we have eight or nine pump stations in town).

And one final note... I didn't include all the "write-in" votes here. And while write-in votes are normally ignored... unless a candidacy is preapproved, such as was Bob Moran's Registrar run, the votes don't count. Nonetheless, I was listening to Frank Miner as he counted the write-ins. And while you may not believe it... not only did Hillary Clinton get a write-in vote... so did some guy named "Tim White." Ha!

Thank you to whomever gave me that vote!

Tim White

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