Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2010 Dem Senate nomination to Chris Murphy?

Senator Chris Dodd has got political problems. Forget about the polls, he comes up in conversation all the time and even Dems are angry with him. So I'm convinced he may not get reelected in 2010. And if the Democratic Party's intelligentsia come to the same conclusion, they may begin to get concerned about losing (what has been for a few decades) a reliably Democratic Senate seat. And if that's the case, I'm guessing they'll start quietly looking for a credible Dem to primary him.

Obviously there are lots of possibilities, but one in particular comes to mind for me - Congressman Chris Murphy. He's certainly got the energy and ability to pull off an upset (though I'm not sure this'd be an upset). And while he's been elected to four different positions (PZC, state House, state Senate, US House), he's never held any of those positions for more than four years. So he clearly likes jumping into the thick of things and challenging himself personally.

I have differences with the Congressman, most notably his support of the bailout. But if the Democratic Party wants to keep their CT Senate seat past 2010, they'd be wise to encourage someone to primary Dodd. My suggestion is Chris Murphy.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Tim, I noticed you signed up for the Campaign for Liberty. Any chance you are going to become a precinct leader?

Anonymous said...

If Murphy moves to Avon or Simsbury we'll know he is running statewide.

He's just as committed to Cheshire as Barack Obama was to balanced budgets.

Really, Tim, what's the difference between the two Chris's? They both supported the bailout, they both raise megabucks from special interests, and Murphy is 30 years younger so we may never be rid of him. Uggh.

Tim White said...

Vote for:

1) Chris "I didn't know I got a sweetheart mortgage deal. I thought everyone was a VIP." Dodd


2) Chris Murphy

Murphy is liberal, but he's not Dodd. And it'd make the 2010 elections for both the Senate and CT-5 more interesting.

Besides, I just don't see how the Democratic Party doesn't see Dodd's disapproval ratings and start to look for people. I don't think my words here will raise any eyebrows in DC.

I guess a conservative argument may be to get the Dems to nominate someone more conservative than Murphy?

I don't see that in Delauro or Larson. Himes is brand new. Courtney is certainly more mild-mannered and he opposed the bailout, but... he doesn't strike me as someone who would challenge an incumbent. Murphy definitely does.

Other than the House members, the Constitutional officers could go for it. But our AG for life is exactly that. He's clearly not a risk taker. And while I know the names Wyman, Nappier and Bysiwicz (sp??)... how many people know them? I doubt too many. Plus, most of them'll be focused on the Governor's seat if anything, since they only have to raise $250,000 total to get the public funding.

If you're serious about challenging Dodd... you'll probably need to raise $1million in 2009 alone... a full year before the Nov 2010 election will cross the mind of 90% of the voting public.

Tim White said...

Any chance you are going to become a precinct leader?

Uh-oh... I've been found out. Someone knows I'm a Ron Paul supporter!


Actually, I signed up as a precinct leader during the campaign and just figured that was transferred to C4L.

Frankly though, I'm not sure what I would do differently as a precinct leader anyway. I already try to educate myself on the Constitution and also try to share some ideas here on the blog. And when I'm speaking with people, if it seems appropriate, I'll comment on the Constitution, etc.

If you wanna talk, feel free to drop me a line anytime - 203.439.4394.

Anonymous said...

Is there a pattern here? An obscure state senator from Illinois serves two years in Congress and becomes president. An obscure state legislator serves two years in Congress then runs for Senate.

At this rate Tim, maybe YOU should run for US Senate. Seriously, I think you're more thoughtful and genuinely concerned about the public interest than either Chris.

Tim White said...

haha... thanks, but no thanks. I'm thinking on the GOP side:

State Senator Sam Caligiuri
House minority leader Larry Cafero
Lt. Governor Michael Fedele
Fmr. Congressmen Shays or Simmons

Sam is my favorite by far. But I also think that despite his pint-sized minority... he (and I believe his point man George Gallo) have a mastery of communicating with the public that few CT Rs have had in recent decades. For that reason, I think he'd have a chance.

Chipmaker said...

CT voted for the incumbent senator in 2006, and he was (and is) a completely fake Democrat. A lot can change in two years (since then, or until 2010), but I cannot foresee the state rejecting Dodd if he runs again.

tim white said...

I want'em both gone.

And I agree that challenging any incumbent senator will be tough... even (then-soon-to-be-convicted) Ted "I borrowed it eight years ago and just haven't returned it yet" Stevens kept his GOP Senate nomination.

If the economy (and 401k's) continue to sputter, I do think that CT Dems are annoyed enough with him that if a credible alternative (a la Murphy) ran, Dodd may lose.

I think it'd be easier for a Dem challenger, than a GOP challenger to upend him.

Bottom line to me is that both Senators have been there too long and need to go. I'd sooner vote for Russ Feingold over either of them. Even when I disagree with him, at least I can figure out where he stands.