Friday, November 21, 2008

Human Services Committee 11/13

Just a quick note because it's late, but I keep forgetting to mention last week's Human Services Committee meeting. I don't have my notes handy, but there was discussion about the number of people requesting assistance with both food and fuel - it's higher than ever. And the HSC continues looking for new ways to help fund the food bank and the fuel bank (Operation Fuel).

I also got a chance to mention my next energy forum. The holidays make scheduling difficult, but I'm hoping to make something happen in January... or maybe late December.

The reason I mentioned the next energy forum is that I want to cover both energy conservation and heating assistance programs.

The heating assistance programs are where the HSC is involved. Operation Fuel is a local assistance program. I'd also like to get representatives from both the state and federal governments to speak to their programs. Congressman Murphy spoke on the LIHEAP (federal heating assistance) program about a month ago in Meriden. I'm hoping to get him to speak, but I doubt he'll be in Cheshire in January... hence the possibility of scheduling it for the last week in December.

Tim White

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