Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Options beyond CRRA, Covanta and Wallingford

Yesterday I offered some of the Council analysis of the two most-discussed options for Cheshire's trash disposal:

1) CRRA managing the Wallingford waste-to-energy facility and

2) Covanta managing the Wallingford waste-to-energy facility.

But we don't need to use the Wallingford facility. We could take our trash anywhere, such as Ohio. Or we could find a place closer than Ohio, but more distant than Wallingford. See some details here:There are a lot of factors in considering these options, such as:

1) garbage trucks carry different weights (from 8 to 25 tons)

2) garbage trucks get 3 to 5 mpg

3) Cheshire's current waste hauler (AJ) currently uses 3 staff on a truck, but that could change to one person with a big "arm" that automates the collection

4) traffic jams on the highway, etc.

My feeling is to avoid these issues and try to move forward with Covanta... though the CRRA proposal to buy the plant is still an unknown (and unexpected) factor to me.

Besides, if it is possible to move toward a more sustainable society by increasing our recycling from our current 20-25% (by weight) to 50% or more... then the discussion becomes increasingly less important.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I think it is short sighted not to buy the plant. The total cost to be divided between the towns served.

Even if we have to bond it for 20 years it will end up being a lot less expensive, and if we don't take this opportunity now, it will never ever occur again.

This is an essential expense that will never go away. Let's compare this to the costs of non-essential things, like artificial turf. Or, compare it essential items, like the sewage system on which we spend a lot of money. Or, compare it to the recent teacher's contract which will end up costing far more than the trash plant.

Covanta wants the plant because they can see it is more profitable to take the plant instead of the money. Covanta knows the business and if it's good for Covanta, it will be much better for us.

And, we can run the plant as well, if not better than Covanta, we are capable of doing it. We do a good job running the sewer plant and we are in control of the costs.

Anonymous said...

Don't stop at this old, worn out plant. I understand there are good deals to be had on some very large manufacturing facilities located in the Detroit area too. And we could run those plants too better than GM or Ford do. Maybe Covanta actually could run that Wallingford plant better then Cheshire could but - - -

Buying and operating the trash facility will only increase the town's financial liability and with it the taxes on local residents.