Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Arrest at Dodd Middle School

From the MRJs Jesse Buchanan:

Police arrested a 13-year-old on Thursday at Dodd Middle School for possession of a weapon on school grounds, third-degree assault, threatening and second-degree breach of peace.

According to police lieutenant Jay Markella, the student swore in class, and was sent by the teacher to the principal's office.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

If his mother is typical, she'll say that he got angry because the teacher was picking on him. The little darling was only expressing himself.

The fact is that disruption is constant in most classrooms, but we never hear about it unless there's a weapon involved. And most administrators are unwilling to stand up to the great mass of parents who have become enablers of their children's bad behavior.

Anonymous said...

The parents should be arrested as well and that student should not ever be allowed back into a public school in Cheshire!

retired teacher said...

In my former school, a 12 year old boy had his arm broken by the school bully in a vicious, unprovoked assault. This happened in front of 20 adults at dismissal time (not in Cheshire).

At the principal's hearing, the bully's mother protested that her son was being suspended for 5 days. The victim's parents protested that the bully would be returning to the school -- that their son would again be in danger from the bully. The principal responded that the bully "has a right to an education".

The victim's parents ended up moving their boy to another school for his safety, and the bully went on terrorizing everyone.

Prior to 1968, the bully would have been moved to a separate school for chronically disruptive kids. He would have gotten his education in a disciplinary environment. But the liberals did away with such separate schools because it “labels” troublemakers.

Welcome to the world of Elizabeth Esty and the ACLU. In their liberal world, we can't separate habitual bullies and criminals because they have their "rights" while the rest of us fear for our safety.

Anonymous said...

Fully three-quarters of US parents are hands-off when it comes to basic parenting practices including discipline, according to a Columbia U. study.

This portends a tsunami of entitled, out of control young adults in the near future. This country is in serious trouble.

Parents: be parents, not pals, of your children. Stop expecting teachers and schools to do your job of raising your kids.

And school administrators: start enforcing serious disciplinary consequences for disruptive behavior. Find the courage to stand up to these enabling parents and separate the chronic disruptors from the kids who want to learn.

Anonymous said...

"The parents should be arrested as well and that student should not ever be allowed back into a public school in Cheshire!"

you're not even interested in learning more about it first? There could be a lot more to this story.

Anonymous said...

Whatever more there is to this story or whatever this boy's problems, bringing a cutter blade to school and threatening others is a danger to all kids and staff. There should be separate schools for dangerous and disruptive students. Safety and order first.

Anonymous said...

"you're not even interested in learning more about it first? There could be a lot more to this story."

Give me a break. This boy's problems start at home at a young age. I am tired of the constant cop-out from parents who say they don't know why they have a bad kid.

It's just like all the people in prison have ADD or are bi-polar. Sure, if you commit a crime then you do have a screw loose.
Just don't put them in the same schools that my kids go to.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone watch any of the boe meeting from 11-20? A woman got up during audience comments and asked how the school will actually enforce their bullying policy. She claims she has a child at the receiving end of bullying. No one on the board nor any administrator there had the courtesy to even address her question. And we wonder why things don't get better in the schools. The only thing the administrators care about is upholding the reputation of the schools.

Anonymous said...

The parents of the kid should send him to kung fu class to kick the bully's ass!!

Or maybe the father of the kid who got busted should go beat up the bully's father!

Anonymous said...

My child also at Dodd has been on the receiving end of bullying, nothing and I mean nothing has been done. I'm at my wits end. I believe one of the boys doing this was the one that has been removed from the school. But, nobody will confirm that with me. I'm so disappointed with this school and to think we moved to "cheshire" for the schools..What a mistake.