Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Details of proposed teachers' contract

Here is the summary of the new contract with the teachers' union that was adopted by the BOE:This will be an agenda item on Wednesday.
Tim White


Anonymous said...

Something has got to give.

Anonymous said...

4.4% a year???

Rubber stamp time!!

tim white said...

I suspect at least one Council member will be talking about how wonderful this contract is.

But when it comes to the contracts of other unions... well, then times will be tough.

Anonymous said...

If things are so bad off in Cheshire, why did the TM and Town lawyer get and accept such handsome raises recently? O.K. for them, just no one else???

Anonymous said...

Hello. We are not that bad off because we have been overtaxed the last 3 years and they have put the $$ aside somewhere.