Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Corruption arrest in Shelton

SHELTON — Federal agents arrested prominent local developer James Botti Monday morning for allegedly bribing a public official to get support for Bridgeport Avenue development projects. (NHR, by Michelle Tuccitto Sullo)


There's corruption alleged in Corrupticut!

I'm surprised that state Rep. Vickie "subpoena power is a nuanced issue" Nardello isn't jumping up and down demanding that States Attorneys be given the power to investigate political corruption!

Even more astonishing is that state Rep. Mary "I'm just going to ignore the I-84 fiasco" Fritz isn't taking action!

It's painfully true that our state has earned its nickname.

I feel like my expectations are so low for CTs elected officials that I might actually vote for someone who runs on a campaign slogan of "I'm not corrupt!"

Btw, also pay close attention to who made the arrest - federal agents. In Corrupticut, you'll never need to worry about state law enforcement having the ability to prosecute you.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Good thing there's no corruption in Cheshire! lol

Anonymous said...

the feds should do some sniffing around the north end of Cheshire too.