Monday, November 03, 2008

Election 2008 open forum

Any Cheshire-related predictions? Despite my expectation that Obama will do quite well in Cheshire... I think Al, Sam and all five state legislators stand a real good chance of reelection. I'm guessing all six local referenda will pass, but am not certain of it. I won't be voting in favor of the energy-related referenda because of the Council's unsurprisingly poor planning involved.

Your thoughts?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Just voted @ CHS. Lots of people in line before 6, but I was able to get in and out by 6:20 or so despite not getting there until 5:55.

I recall it taking almost as long in '04.

Warning: most of the local ballot questions are on the back of the ballot--you need to flip it over to vote on them

Anonymous said...

Voted at Dodd Jr. High at about 7:30--took about 15 min. I think Esty will beat Adinolfi but I am an "ABA" fan (Anybody But Al). The spending referendums will show if people in Town have their heads wired to their wallets--I hope they are all voted down due to the poor economy. The 155 stores that Circuit City is closing is just the beginning...mark my words; by 2020 property taxes will be (3x) what they are today!!!!

Anonymous said...

What has she done??????

Breachway said...

voted no on the windows and also voted no for the 400k turf, I mean school infrastructure....voted against Mary "turf grant" Fritz...and finally I must say that I am deeply dissappointeed/angry to report that as a Republican- I had to vote Obama- thanks to my party for producing a non contender with a crappy campaign.

Anonymous said...

I saw you at Norton, Tim, and I said, "Chris Murphy!" I wasn't trying to be smart, I had just seen a thousand of his signs, and you look like an Irish kid probably named Chris Murphy... But I voted against Murphy, his first vote in Congress was to lay the healthcare of kids on us poor addicted smokers. The only veto Bush ever did which made sense.
We voted against the energy windows, but for the sewer issue, which will prolly cost me a few grand...I think they should have a memorial to people like me..."The tomb of the uninformed voter."

Anonymous said...

Voted no on all of Cheshire's questions.
Since the current council majority doesn't seem interested in cutting expenses, I thought I'd do my part and vote them down.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said something about voting no on everything....

And by the way, any town that is gonna depend on septic for the next thousand years is totally screwed.

Looks like Obama. Feels Obamanesque outside. I shall fire off that cherry bomb I been storing in a safe place, waiting since they killed Kennedy, for some president I could cry about. Again.

Anonymous said...
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tim white said...

Guinness... I don't recall you calling out "Chris Murphy" to me.

I voted no on the last two questions and some others... I don't recall at this point.

I just don't see the point in trusting this Council with any money when they've repeatedly demonstrated their incompentence:

1) hotWatergate
2) CHS air conditioning installation
3) no comprehensive energy action plan
4) inaction on the pool

Why keep throwing good money after bad?