Friday, November 14, 2008

Editorial on Strathmore dam

Anyone know why the Herald did an editorial on the Strathmore dam today? Is there something I don't know?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I thought the editorial was stupid. The town government exists to take actions that individuals or small groups are poorly positioned to do. A small neighborhood does not have risk managers; maintainance staff, and engineers on staff or retainer; the town does. I suppose the Herald thinks that a big developer should have just screwed homeowners; most of whom knew nothing about the dam when they bought their homes. It's like the local version of Wall Street---would have it been more fair to have wiped out depositors in failed banks instead of propping them up?

The 90 homes in Strathmore are paying close to a half-mill a year in RE taxes and simply didn't want a town that spends lavishly on esthetic items to walk away from a safety issue. Maybe the Herald ought to look a bit closer--it might find real free loaders looking for stuff from the government.

Anonymous said...

This issue began in March of 2003. Yes 5 and a half years ago, when Ravenswood proposed that a homeowners Association take on their liablity. The homeowners most 2nd or 3rd generation owners found out that the proposal was on the P&Z without one homeowner being notified by Ravenswood. Marty Coburn told Ravenswood that night to bring the dam, pond and open space up to original( I assume 1976) condition, before he comes back to the commission.
The only work ever done to the dam was thr brush clearing so DEP could inspect it again. The dam is still a class B hazard per the three previous inspections.
The homeowners deeds state that they may be subject to the agreement between the town of Cheshire and Ravenswood. Inside the vague covenant it states that Ravenswood had one year from 90 percent occupancy of the subdivision. This was never done.
When P&Z member Strollo asked Ravenswood why no Association was proposed or the response was that times were bad.
These statements are all on the record.
In 1999 Ravenswood proposed to build on the open space. This was denied by P&Z. Ashley Crt was built by another developer, and all drain water from Coleman Rd and Ashley Crt is dumped into the Strathmore Pond.

Sewer lines were connected to below the dam for a Condo complex on Radmere Rd. The homeowners had no say in this. This issue goes on and on. bottom line is the homeowners have not waivered in thier battle to stop Ravenswood from dumping its problem on them. No work including care for sidewalks has been done. I myself clear the walks around my home, and maintain the sidewalk area so people can walk. I appreciate the town stepping up and taking responsibility for the document previous P&Z memebers agreed to. I have heartburn with the Herald's Editorial stating the homeowners have dumped on the town. This issue is complex and never have the homeowners shunned any responsibilty in this matter.
Ravenswood is looking for a gaurentee that they have recieved from the Town and the Homeowners before it will fix the property. That is a strangle hold. Just my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong, but as a resident in this neighborhood, I can say we didn't drop the ball. The parties who signed the covenant appear to be the one's who dropped the ball.

Thank you,
Bob Vignola

tim white said...

Thanks Bob.

Curious though... are you saying that:

1) one yr ago, the Council voted to accept the dam/pond conditioned upon the improvements to the dam by the developer and

2) today, the developer is not holding up his end of the bargain and making the improvements?

Is that the reason for the editorial? Cuz I hadn't heard anything of that nature. I just assumed everything was moving forward as agreed.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised by the Editorial stating that the homeowners dropped the responsibility on the town. Ravenswood has not shown good faith in my opinion by not repairing the entire property, most importantly the dam.

The DEP reports are clear and Ravenswood was advised to repair the structure years ago, and still the waiting game. I fully grasp where Ravenswood is going, but what if the property is not brought up to standard. What if P&Z stands by thier ORIGINAL stance, and does not move forward until the dam and open space is repaired?( the right choice in my opinion)
My feeling is that people of Cheshire feel they are being dumped this dam and pond.I assume thats the reason for the Editorial. Its the same feelings this neighborhood has felt from the first day we learned about Ravenswood's attempt to make us form an Association and take on the huge burden we could not accept or handle.
Its clear that this is the reason Associations are formed before the subdivions are built.
Trust me , I appreciate the town stepping up, I don't feel that the editor has all the information regarding this issue. I hope we are moving forward with this. I hope the past is not an indicator of the future.

I'm reluctant to offer too much, because the P&Z has to vote on the 24'th (we all know where that is going), and then its a wait and see game. My understanding is all the set criteria must be in place before the town will take the pond and Dam and some open space.

Bob V

tim white said...

Bob, thanks. Now I'm following. It's a PZC vote that generated the editorial. I missed that completely.

Anyway, I'll stay tuned.

Tim White said...

Seriously... I was wondering if the Herald accidentally did a "copy n paste" from a year ago and went to press with it.

I hadn't heard anything about this for a year.