Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Obama: "The Fiscal Conservative"

Having flip-flopped on FISA back in June, I guess I shouldn't be surprised by President-elect Obama's comfort with leaving his Senate website intact. I took this text directly from his website today - Nov 19, 2008:

Commonsense Budgeting Practices

Senator Obama believes that our current budgeting and borrowing practices are fiscally unwise and unsustainable. This is why he strongly supports and has voted for commonsense “Pay As You Go,” or “PayGo” rules, which would require any new increases in discretionary spending to be offset by a reduction in other areas of spending.

Federal Debt, Deficit Spending

Senator Obama voted against the most recent effort to raise the national debt limit. The current national debt has exceeded $8.6 trillion dollars, and nearly $4 trillion of that debt is now held by foreign governments. Our national debt and annual budget deficits effectively tax all Americans by adding to the amount of interest paid to service U.S. borrowing; Senator Obama would rather invest these hundreds of billions of dollars into national priorities, such as securing our homeland, improving our schools and providing needed benefits to our veterans.

Classic about-face I guess. Run on fiscal responsibility, get elected, then speak on the completely contradictory views you will use to govern. Unbelievable.

Here's an image of his Senate website as of today - Nov 19, 2008:
What I really don't understand is how President-elect Obama ran on a platform opposing President "Bush's failed economic policies."

What exactly is Obama doing differently?

Like Bush, Obama is clearly comfortable ignoring monetary policy and allowing the billionaire bankers to inflate the money supply and devalue our hard-earned dollars. And on fiscal policy, I guess Obama was suggesting that Bush's grossly irresponsible fiscal policy of deficit spending needed to be exacerbated?

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Well, America, in the immortal words of "Otter" from "Animal House"

"You (Bleeped) up, You trusted us!"

Pledge allegiance to Bailout Nation

Tim White said...


Thanks for reminding me of the American classic. And though I've been a bit demoralized with this whole bailout fiasco, I'll now redouble my efforts to make America a better place!

Inspiring me as it inspires any red-blooded American:

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor!?

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked! Another politician lied to us! Another campaign promise bites the dust.

Next thing you know, the Dem Council majority will break their promise to be fiscally responsible! Then maybe Altieri can get Obama to bail out Cheshire like he got Fritz bail out his friends in the turf business.