Sunday, November 09, 2008

New home heating fuel business in Cheshire

The NHRs Luther Turmelle reports on a new home heating oil business in Cheshire:

Using a single truck, FF Hitchcock began delivering to several hundred customers last month, said Michael Bowman...

“Think about it: You’ve got other companies that through no fault of their own that are locked into higher prices because they bought their oil last summer when prices were high because speculators were driving up the crude market,” Michael Bowman said.

“We’ve been able to buy oil at much lower prices and offer to the customers at lower prices. You do that and you look like a knight who comes riding in on a white horse,” he said.

FF Hitchcock is offering home heating oil at a price of $2.29 per gallon for 150 gallons, according to a solicitation letter that arrived in potential customers mail boxes this week.

This could work well. Without the prepayment aspect, I don't see how the F&S problems of last year return in this situation. And $2.29 sounds like a good price. I usually use the price of diesel as a gauge for the cost of home heating fuel.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

No thanks re: Bowman's new oil company. I'd rather use McKinley Oil - a new company also - whose prices are equally as good or better and the service is excellent.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

another bowman attempt to take advantage of the public...No thanks.

Anonymous said...

I agree Mckinley whose price is not only less than bowman but more importantly ; you can not beat the top notch service by Mckinley who has only one price and does not go up in price like the rest of them ; i never have to check 3 places to see if i am getting the best oil price with Mckinley

Anonymous said...

Another Good choice is Preferred Oil in Cheshire. Their prices are competitive and backed by outside service. Very dependable and quick delivery turnaround. Honest and trustworthy too. Ordering online saves even more $.
Daily price is posted at the bottom of the homepage.

Anonymous said...

Got a delivery from today 12.29.08 @ $1.899 per gallon. WOW WHAT A TREAT.

Anonymous said...

I would never use a Bowman owned company again. Living in Cheshire for 50 years, I know how that family plays ball. Ned = F&S = I lost 500 gallons of prepaid oil. I use McKinley, Great guy, Great service.

Anonymous said...

Called FF Hitchcock (had bought oil from them) to fix issues with my furnace, they were prompt but not enough knowledge on Weil Mclain furnaces, removed part from my furnace which caused me problems for two months. Insisted on changing oil tank, blaming intermitent furnace operation on the oil tank while it was the part that was removed by them. Invoice had different parts # that the one placed in my furnace. Service Manager rude while owner trying to make up for the errors done.

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