Tuesday, November 11, 2008

CHS air conditioning installation update 11/12

Here's the memo provided to the Council regarding the proposed air conditioning installation at CHS:Additionally, I got an email from an Energy Commission member today. Basically, it says that this project started out as an energy-saver... but apparently something happened between there and here.

As far as I'm concerned... four words:

Comprehensive Energy Action Plan

I can't wait to discuss my idea! I'm sure everyone will be so open-minded to energy conservation. ha.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Maybe some of the PWD employees are spending too much time on-call and driving around in take home SUVs and just not enough time in their town offices conducting project work. When one reads this memo one just has to wonder whether or not any of our paid municipal employees can properly plan work and complete it in a timely fashion. A TM running a well performing municipal organization should not want stale ‘half eaten sandwiches’ such as this proposal bubbling to the surface years too late.

The TC should take the budget axe to stale activities now so that the town work force can invest its time in activities with some near term end benefit in sight.

Anonymous said...

A/c two months of the year?

Anonymous said...

Forget the A/C at CHS.

Here are my four words on what should happen:

Council Refuses All Projects

Anonymous said...

Luckily we have effectively alienated relationships that can actually help with some out-of-the-box thinking on these concepts. If we didn't, we might have had insightful direction at little or no cost. Instead, now we pay engineers (?) to dismiss all alternatives in one paragraph (see your previous reports on this subject). It is hard to go green when you are yellow! It is our approach to doing these projects and the people currently pulling these strings that is costing us so much and delivering so little.

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