Thursday, November 20, 2008

2010 Dem CT-5 nomination to Elizabeth Esty?

Yesterday I mentioned the plausible scenario in which Chris Murphy challenges Chris Dodd for the 2010 Dem Senate nomination.

If that happens, the CT-5 is an open seat.

Democratic names that (I believe) reside in the fightin' fifth:

Bill Curry - former candidate for Governor - 1994 & 2002
Jim Maloney - former Congressman for the former CT-5 - 1996 to 2002
Mary Glassman - former candidate for Lt. Governor - 2006
Elizabeth Esty - a "little known" state Rep-elect from Cheshire - 2008 to date

At first blush, I think anyone who doesn't know her would laugh. But most of you know her. She alone could raise boatloads of money and make it look easy. But imagine if Dan Esty becomes Obama's EPA Administrator... in a sense, she'd be running as a Washington incumbent. And while I hate the lobbyist money as much as anyone... it's a reality. I'm just pointing it out.

I think this scenario is entirely plausible... and would make elections in Cheshire alotta fun!

Alternatively, she may choose to challenge Dodd directly... which would be fine with me. I think the question there would be the same question facing Chris Murphy... can you raise $1,000,000 in 2009? Frankly, I think either of them could do it... though it'd be grueling.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

And if Esty goes for the 5th district who would go after the State Rep seat left vacant?? Ever think of moving to a different part of town Tim??

Tim White said...

Wasn't thinking about it. Actually, I'd suggest Al run again.

Anonymous said...

Have you read the Herald editorials for the past year, including yesterday?

The Herald continues reminding Councilman White that they decide the news.

If Councilman White would cease and desist, he may gain support from Cheshire's Insider's Club. Until then, he's not allowed to run for anything.

Anonymous said...

The Cheshire Herald should get their facts straight before they write editorials.

Anonymous said...

Esty would not consider the 5th district.

Don't be surprised by 2012 presidential run for Esty. How about a Esty and Matt the Turf ticket.

Anonymous said...

Est will run for any office that is ta minimum one level above what she already is. When you clowns understand this and stop electing her to positions she will go away. She brings no value to the community.

Anonymous said...

she might have to say something to run for Congress

Anonymous said...

We wouldn't have to go to You Tube to see clips of OURtown council meeting if they were able to put the entire meeting on the web.
Cox is no longer the only company people use to get their television. Those of us who don't have Cox and can't come to the meeting have no other way of seeing what is going on.
Perhaps the Herald should be pushing for them to put the entire meeting on line rather than pick on Tim for putting a clip on You Tube.