Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dems - unions - guns = trouble in 2010

John Dingell (D-MI) has been a member of Congress for 50 years. He's been the Chair of the House Energy Committee since 1981. Today, he got ousted by Henry Waxman in a contest that pitted advocates of climate change and the environment against advocates of unions.

You may also recall that in 1999, Dingell was credited with having delivered votes to the GOP on legislation that was considered favorable to gun owners.

Speaker Pelosi best tread carefully here.

Her silence on this contest was viewed by many as tacit support of Waxman. If she doesn't deliver the bailout to Detroit, this may be the first shot across the bow in a looming fight with both unions and gun owners.

Although this leadership battle has absolutely nothing to do with the GOP... if Nancy Pelosi wants to still be called "Madam Speaker" in two years, she best proceed with caution.

Tim White

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Anonymous said...

It just so happens that before he married his wife she was a lobbyist for General Motors. After her mariage she change to an administrative postion. She now only advises GM on lobbying strategy, see the difference. ure she did. Lobbyists marrying legistalor's staff people s relatively common and works well for the lobbyists that do. Goes to show how dedicate lobbyist that will even get married.

In the last few weeks, Dingell was involved in the little Democrat get together where newly elected Dems could get to meet lobbyists. Lobbyists were given a suggested contribution schedule and it was a great success. Mr Dingell was all for the practice as the lobbyist provide an educational experince.

Mr Dingell's chief of staff sent out an email to lobbyists where he says hey team and gives them talking points against Waxman. So are the lobbyists part of Dingell's team?

Doesn't look like Change to me.