Monday, November 17, 2008

The crack of the gavel

This video:has generated quite a few comments. And though I mentioned this before, I want to mention it again... as I was sitting there I didn't get the sense that the Superintendent was suggesting that I (or anyone else in Council Chambers) was a crook selling "interest only mortgages," etc. And he did apologize to Councilman Ruocco after the camera was turned away. So he was very much a gentleman. However, I can see why Councilman Ruocco inferred that, even though I didn't take it that way.

And not to defend Chairman Hall's choice of words, but one thing that is somewhat lost in the video is the crack of the gavel. I recall it being louder than what is captured in the video. I guess my point is that the atmosphere of the meeting isn't really captured in the video. It definitely felt much more tense while I was sitting there, than it is watching it online from the comfort of home.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Still no excuse for using profanity. Mr. Hall needs to compose himself if he is the chosen leader of the TC. Discussions will and do get heated, but he still needs to ast more appropriately. He also should apologize, even if it was accidental. There are some people who are offende by such language.

Tim White said...

Understood and agreed. But on a completely different topic for a second... Dr. Florio is a really good public speaker. No "umm's."

Any other speakers / toastmasters on this blog? I think he's really good.

His public speaking is pleasantly different from someone else who I've heard called "The King of Umms."

Anonymous said...

Blessed be God.
Blessed be His Holy Name.

Mr. Hall does indeed owe an apology.

Anonymous said...

Someone should "crack that gavel" on Florio's shiny head. Maybe then he'd wake up and start watching the way he spends our money. What's he going to need this coming year - another 5 million??

Anonymous said...

I think Tom Ruocco has it right, not Dr. Florio. My husband and I work in the private sector, and have nothing to do with the current financial disaster. My husband has just barely survived another round of layoffs at his company, and neither one of us even come close to a 4 1/2 percent raise. Unlike the teachers, we are working 245 days a year and do not even get a pension. We cannot afford to pay such high raises to the teachers. This town should have gone into arbitration.