Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Elizabeth Esty wins

My unofficial numbers give Cheshire to Al Adinolfi by 150 votes, Hamden to Elizabeth by 400 votes and Wallingford to Elizabeth by 100 votes... for a net win of 350 votes (of 10,000+ cast) in the 103rd.

These numbers do not include absentee ballots. But 350 would be a huge margin to overcome with absentee ballots.

If this holds, I'll miss Al in the legislature. But I congratulate Elizabeth Esty on a hard fought campaign. They both fought spirited campaigns.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Elizabeth on being intelligent and hard working for your voters. And for enduring all the insults on the postings on this website! You'll represent your constituents well in Hartford.

Anonymous said...

I notice the people who know you best voted against you, Ms. Esty.

Whatever, just what Hartford needs, another Democrat drone.

Anonymous said...

12:20 DITTO

Anonymous said...

Tim, who will replace Esty on the TC? Do the dems just get to pick one of their buddies? Or do the people of Cheshire have any say in it?

Anonymous said...

Sure hope that Elizabeth will continue to uphold parental rights. If a parent deems home education as the best educational option they have for their child I hope Elizabeth will support them and fight for their freedom. Cheshire has always been home school friendly. Keep Cheshire off of the map of abuse! Al Adinolfi fought hard for us in Hartford. Many thanks to you Al.

Heaven help us with all these DEMS in power trying to control all aspects of our lives!

Hope Esty is different!

Anonymous said...

The Democratic Town Committee gets to fill Esty's vacated seat. Look for another female, from the 1st district, say Susan Fox-Erlich.

tim white said...

The Democratic Town Committee gets to fill Esty's vacated seat. Look for another female, from the 1st district, say Susan Fox-Erlich.

I have a different understanding.

The Council must appoint... and five members must vote in favor. That means it is difficult for The Rubber Stampers to wield their usual tool because they must have at least one R... unless the Council remains deadlocked for 60 days... at which point the Chairman may appoint someone.

As for the DTC... if it's run like the RTC... then they will make a recommendation to the Council... but their word is not binding.

Also, I do not know of any rule requiring Elizabeth to resign. That is, she could remain a member of the Council.

Furthermore, the rules are in the Charter... including that there is no special election to fill a Council term - vacancies are filled by appointment.

My guess is that Elizabeth will have significant influence in who is recommended by the DTC and appointed by the Council. If she doesn't feel as though her concerns are considered... she could just stay in office.

Or at least that's my best understanding of the process.

Tim White said...

Recent Council appointments due to vacancies:

Dixon replacing Dill in summer '05

Mouris replacing Robertson in spring '01

Sandy Mouris' appointment became fairly controversial when the 6-3 R majority lost Robertson and had a 5-3 majority... and Schrumm did not agree with the reappointment of Sandy Mouris. I recall David's preference was Tim Pelton... leaving a 4-4 Council deadlocked with:

Borowy, Orsini, P Bowman and Dill favoring the reappointment of Mouris and

Villa, Stretton, Dimauro, Schrumm opposing her appointment.

You may recall that in June 2007 David's friendship with Tim P then became the heart of Shenanigate.

Dixon's appointment was entirely non controversial as far as I recall.

Anonymous said...

So much for working full time in Hartford as she promised in her run for office if she remains on the TC.

Anonymous said...

Tim, Can you post the rule from the Charter for filling vacated seats? I would hope that however the rule reads, it is followed. Rules are rules.

Anonymous said...

The replacement under consideration is Sheldon Dill's wife. The Dem's gave him the job of Director of the Chamber, now he must pay them back.

Anonymous said...

Charter provision for filling vacancies:

Tim is correct. Go to the Charter on the town website


See 2-8 (chapter 2, section 8)

Anonymous said...