Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CHS air conditioning installation "kickoff meeting"

I was cleaning the house a bit today and came across this gem:So the "kickoff meeting" for the CHS air conditioning installation and heating retrofit project was on July 17, 2008. Even though we voted to proceed with this project in on March 27, 2008?

Nevermind the Charter-defined deadline for the Council to receive the annual capital budget proposal is July 15.

And yet the Council was surprised that the engineer had not completed his work by August 28?

As I've said before - at the confluence of energy and engineering, the Council majority is completely incompetent.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Thankfully this unecessary a/c project was put on the back burner. Who in their right mind would want to put added expense into the boe budget?
Seems that the fake turf committee has no problem with adding expenses to the boe budget though.
As one boe member explained tonight, they had a rep from FieldTurf at their last meeting. They're happy to report that everything is moving along, and at their next meeting they'll discuss financial issues, fund raising etc.
During these depressing economic times, would any of you donate your hard earned money for fake turf?
I know I wouldn't - I'm trying to reduce my expenses and with Ecke's remarks of a possible 3% increase in the upcoming budget, I'll need all I can get to pay my increasing taxes.
Altieri may try to paint a pretty picture with the town's fund balance but what he should have said in the Herald was that by over taxing the residents, the town now holds more of our money for their use.
What's wrong with this picture??

Anonymous said...

Point well raised Tim.

Anonymous said...

Guess again...wrong gender.