Thursday, November 06, 2008

Marijuana laws revised

On Tuesday, Michigan voted to allow the use of medical marijuana. Apparently it passed by a nearly 2 to 1 margin.

But even more dramatic, Massachusetts voted to decriminalize the use of recreational marijuana:

Voting almost 2-to-1 to remove the criminal penalties for individuals caught with less than an ounce of marijuana, with over 90 percent of precincts reported, the electorate mandated the most major relaxation of the state’s drug laws in decades, and made Massachusetts the 12th state to decriminalize marijuana, and the first to do so through the ballot, rather than legislation or the courts. (by Jim O'Sullivan)

Personally, I think smoking either tobacco or marijuana is a not-so-smart move. But I don't see any reason why someone smoking marijuana should be in jail. And more important, in Cheshire we all know about our limited prison space. So the state should be focused on keeping violent criminals behind bars.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

Back around 1970, there was an assembly of seniors at CHS at which the CPD came to tell us about the horrors of marijuana. As the grand finale, the officer showed us five rolled 'joints' and passed them into the audience for us to see. When it came time to collect them, the officer got back six joints.

Marijuana should be legalized for adults and regulated like alcohol. In the 12 states which have decriminalized pot, there has been no increase in the rates of use or in DUI arrests. Driving under the influence remains illegal.

It's none of the state's business what adults do by themselves in the privacy of their homes.

Chipmaker said...

That story -- the pot sample / visual aid comes back with more than before -- has been told of every high school in America. It's apocryphal. But it's still funny.