Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Altieri claims "project went well by all accounts" (hWg44)

Councilman Matt Altieri emailed the Council with updates on PBC projects tonight. Here is the content of the email:I think my favorite part is:

As I mentioned before the Norton Boiler Project is complete-any delays were due to errors that were made by the engineer. Three boilers have been up and running since late September. Project went well by all accounts.

Allegations of corruption enveloping hotWatergate? Delays that almost certainly broke the all-important October 15 deadline? And what burner / controller did we ever end up using? My list of doubts goes on and on.

Mr. Turf Councilman Altieri has got to be kidding me.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see he has that all under control.
Now he has an additional $400,000,thanks to the lunatics who voted for that question,to spend on stuff we don't need. Lets see him screw that up too.

Anonymous said...

I guess Altieri didn’t look very closely at the votes cast for the referendum items. Many hundreds of town residents voted NO for spending items. A total of 82,816 individual votes were cast for spending issues. Of that total a resounding 36,593 votes were for NO to the 6 spending items on the ballot with a total value of 4.01 million dollars. This 4.01 million dollars would result in at least $150 to be collected from every child, woman, and man living in this town.

So Mr. Altieri pay closer attention, on every street and in every neighborhood and every council district you will find voters who voted NO 36,593 times to the very poorly supervised and out of control spending by this town. Town taxes are too high now and likely to only go up at an astronomical rate to continue business as usual practices of current town special interests in government. It is past time to curtail spending and to institute adequate controls on spending which does take place.

Anonymous said...

Will we ever know the total cost of this Norton Boiler project? Did it go over the amount approved? And if it did, did the council ever vote to spend more?

Did CT Combustion ever move forward with their lawsuit?

tim white said...

Will we ever know the total cost of this Norton Boiler project? Did it go over the amount approved? And if it did, did the council ever vote to spend more?

Not with the current majority. Like the former GOP congress, they had no interest in getting answers from the administration.

I doubt it went over the limit. The Norton referendum was $500k for a boiler and windows. In retrospect, I never should've accepted such a vague request. Going forward, I intend to demand much more granularity.

No... though the windows obviously got shortchanged.

Anonymous said...

How about the many people that didn't vote at all on the questions because they didn't turn the ballot over. I would like to see those numbers. They should be some BOLD notation to remind voters to turn it over and why such a short notice to the questions? They couldn't prepare and make them public sooner? How can anyone research or give them any thought?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe it was because people didn't turn the ballot over. We had someone at Dodd telling us to make sure we turned it over to answer all the questions. I also don't think it was because the questions didn't go out sooner.
I personally believe that too many people don't understand the questions. They don't see the vagueness and they don't realize that bonding is not free money.
It is sad, but in this election, too many people were voting for the trend, not realizing it is not necessarily better.
The Dow has already dropped nearly 10% in 2 days...Happy Days!

Tim White said...

If you look at the Norton results that I posted on Tuesday, you'll see that each question got a different % of "blanks." So clearly there are people who see the questions and conscious decision to answer some and to blank some.

Anonymous said...


Your reply/comments regarding whether or not the project stayed within budget are somewhat off-base. Because so much money got wasted with the bidding process screw-ups and the shady award, we got screwed out of the windows we could have purchased and the energy dollars their installation could have saved.

The project essentially went over the limit before it was begun thanks to the cronyism elements of our Town. Haven't we had enough of these bananas?

Anonymous said...

just as cheshire did not vote for esty for 103rd it is too bad these people did not come out last year and boot her off the town council. don't try running for anything in this town again esty.