Thursday, November 06, 2008

The rise of the web in elections

From the Litchfield County Times, by Scott Benjamin:

WATERBURY-Kenny Curran, the campaign manager for U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy (D-Cheshire), said that since he entered politics straight out of college 10 years ago candidates have not only utilized the Internet more but have also sought additional personal contact with voters by going door to door.

The Bethlehem resident, 33, said that in 2000, when he was the finance director on former U.S. Rep. James Maloney's (D-Danbury) campaign, Fergus Cullen, the campaign manager for their opponent, former State Sen. Mark Nielsen (R-Danbury), had a campaign Internet blog, "which was then a novel idea. Now you have hundreds of them."

"Technology and connectivity has increased, particularly for young people getting involved," said the campaign manager, who ran for the State Senate seat in the 32nd District in 1998

Good stuff!

Tim White

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