Monday, August 09, 2010

I'm going to volunteer in Haiti

We all know what happened in Haiti seven months ago. And regulars here probably know that I wanted to help when it happened... and still want to help. But figuring out a productive way of helping in either a crisis zone or post-crisis zone isn't particularly easy. Regardless, my MBTI is INFJ. And we are a determined lot. So where there's a will there's a way! And Port-au-Prince bound I am...

On August 29th, I'm headed to Haiti with a CT-based non-profit (the Haitian Health Foundation). I'm hoping to raise some money to defray the cost. Anyone care to help? $25? Or maybe $100 for you guys and gals who are rich? Or ten bucks from the not-so-wealthy folks like me?! I hope some of you can donate, if you have the means.

For those of you who follow this stuff, HHF is a top-rated charity* as it puts more than $0.90 on the dollar back into services... and that's a really good record of minimizing overhead and delivering for those in need. So please share this with your friends and click here to donate securely!** My goal is $1,000 by August 29th.

And if you're interested in their post-earthquake work, they're not helping exclusively with healthcare. Here's a photo of a Happy Home that they've erected to provide a number of benefits not afforded by the less sturdy house in the picture.Tim White

* Unless it's a small, local charity, I always look up an NGO on one of the Ratings Agencies for Charities before I donate.
** I logged on through Facebook. If you click on the website, I'm not sure how it'll work if you're not logged onto FB... though I'm confident you'll still be able to donate.


Anonymous said...

Do you know what sort of work will you be doing there?

Tim White said...

financial / accounting project stuff, but I'm fine helping however I can in the few days I'll be there.