Tuesday, August 03, 2010

August 10: I'm voting for Oz Griebel for Governor

I spoke with Oz Griebel and asked him why he's running for Governor:

As for why I'm supporting him, I've searched out information / articles on the candidates and find him to be the most credible to lead CT. Click here for a specific example of why I support him.

So I'm voting for Oz Griebel. But I'm also less-than-thrilled with either of the other two GOP candidates.

Here's a pic I took of Team Oz:(L to R: candidate Oz Griebel, Senior Policy Advisor Spencer Cain, Campaign Manager Ashley Maagero)

I wish them the best of luck next Tuesday!

Tim White


Anonymous said...

I also support Oz Griebel.
Tim Slocum

Anonymous said...

It is a shame he doesn't have the financial backing to blanket the air waves like the others who are running.
He is probably the best candidate, but doesn't have a chance against those with all the money.
I compare it to major league baseball. Fedele & Foley are the Red Sox and the Yankees, Oz is the Toronto Bluejays. Oerhaps he can aspire to be the Tampa Bay Rays and pull an upset.

Breachway said...

Voting along party lines Tim? This Republican is voting for Malloy.

Anonymous said...

Kind of sad to hear a town resident supporting someone who is such a strong opponent to the death penalty.
With the tragedy that took place in this town 3 years ago, how can you support a person who doesn't want these animals brought to justice?
I thought you were better than that Breach.

Anonymous said...

Malloy has been a good Mayor in the only healthy city in our state (soon to become the state's largest city). He is far better than Lamont in so far as he has actually governed and he is no milk toast lefty either. But lets face it this state is in terrible straights under a weak (although likeable Governor) and a super majority democrat house and senate. I can't possibly support more auto pilot for disaster.

A democrat Governor will never begin to address the problems that beset our state when its largely been his crew that got us here in the first place.

If we had a Chris Christie candidate running for CT governor I'd be cheering. Oz is closer to fiscally conservative than I suspect Foley will be and a vote for Fedele is a vote for the old boy network...an Ed O'Niel with an R.

I'm not voting the party. I'm voting for a philosophy and for someone that may actually work to stop the growth of state government and tackle our debt crisis.

With that kind of Governor our towns and cities will be in a much better place sooner rather than later.

Tim Slocum

tim white said...

Breach... next Tuesday is (by definition) a party line vote. As registered Rs, Tim S and I will be voting in the GOP primary.