Friday, August 27, 2010

Some upcoming political events - September 2010

Some upcoming political events...

On Tuesday August 31 @ 6:30pm, Joe Markley is having a fundraising event at The Manor Inn in Southington:Kathy Brown is having a fundraising event on September 8 in Southington:And though I don't have the details, I recently stopped by to see Probate Judge candidate Matt Jalowiec and learned that he's having a fundraiser on Saturday Sept 25 at somebody's home in the Talmadge Road area of Cheshire. Here's a nice pic of dad and daughter:And if you're keeping tabs... I understand that of Cheshire's five GOP legislative candidates, four intend to use the public funding system.

Al Adinolfi (running against Elizabeth Esty) and Len Suzio (running against Tom Gaffey) have already qualified. Richard Abbate (running against Mary Fritz) and Joe Markley (running for Sam Caligiuri's open seat) are still pursuing the fundraising goal requirements. And Kathy Brown (running against Vickie Nardello) is raising money privately.

I'm not sure which Dem candidates are using the public funding program. I'm guessing they all will, but does anyone happen to know with certainty? Also, anyone happen to know if there are any upcoming events for Democratic candidates?

Tim White

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