Monday, August 23, 2010

Referendum & the track / turf / "D" / add-on request

I began explaining the expanding track & field project a few days ago. Now I'm wondering in terms of a referendum... in what way do you feel the Council should handle the project?

Should the Council combine everything into one project -- track, turf, add-on's and the "D" at one time? How about dealing with all the rubberized stuff (track, long jump, pole vault and the "D") at one time, while the turf is handled separately?

Based on the meeting discussions I've heard, the pole vault and long jump areas are not being seriously considered for improvements... unless "the funds allow." And since that's the case, I'm not in favor of spending any money on the add-on's.

That leaves the track, the "D" and the turf. I'm undecided on this, but:

1) I'm not convinced the expansion of turf services* will be privately funded over the next, say, five years; and

2) I believe the track needs improvement...

So I am in favor of moving forward with the track sans turf... and probably in connection with the "D" as one referedum item... along with any drainage improvements that need to be made.

How would you address the track / turf / "D" & various add-on's?Tim White

* By turf services, I mean the stated increase in use from 30 two-hour events to 300 two-hour events / year.


Anonymous said...

They have to be considered separate. There are way too many additional cost involving the turf that aren't part of the installation price.
These turf people have to come up with a contingency plan in case they don't raise the amount needed for replacement. They also need to come up with actual maintenance costs and who will control the money they raise for the replacement.

If the track is resurfaced before the turf, will the track get damaged if the turf goes in after the fact?

I would hate to combine these 2 together.

One other question, did the turf committee get several bids to install the turf or are they just dealing with 1 company? How do they decide?

Anonymous said...

The track has been on the radar for a few years before turf talk even came along. Don't hold up the track for something that looks financially shaky at best. If the turf project would damage the track...all the more reason to pull the plug on the turf that seems like it is at least 2 yr away as far as funding goes...and that is being real generous when you considered recurring costs.

Anonymous said...

Keep the track separate from the turf. Fix the track and forget about the turf for a few more years.

Anonymous said...

If we fix the track, we need to stop any talk about the field. In order to replace the field, the track, new or old, will be damaged and need extensive repair. We either fix both or fix the track and forget about the field. The council will have to put it's foot down on this

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Tony P. will weigh in on this one. As far as I understand what he has already told me, the track and the turf do not have to be done at the same time.

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