Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Primary Day 2010

Lots of offices were up for grabs today. Here's just a few of the signs:After tonight's Council meeting adjourned, Tim Slocum, Jimmy Sima and I stayed around to see the Cheshire results for the Primary Election. Here's a pic of the votes being tallied:And here's a short vid of our Registrar's counting the votes:Unfortunately, by 10pm the 4th District still hadn't reported. So I didn't get the total vote counts. Nonetheless, I'm confident the trends were representative of the total results for Cheshire. This is who was clearly winning:

On the GOP side:

Governor -- Tom Foley
Lt. Governor -- Lisa Wilson-Foley
Senate -- Linda McMahon
Congress -- Sam Caligiuri
Attorney General -- Martha Dean
Probate Judge -- Matt Jalowiec

On the Dem side:

Governor -- Dan Malloy
Lt. Governor -- Nancy Wyman
Secretary of the State -- Denise Merrill
Comptroller -- Kevin Lembo

Total registered voters in the two parties:

Republicans -- 4300
Democrats -- 4500

And based on the voter turnout in the rest of Cheshire, I'm guessing that about 1650 Rs and 1350 Dems voted. That's about 38% turnout for Rs and 30% turnout for Dems. I'm guessing that Rs turned out for two reasons:

1) more enthusiasm; and
2) Linda's $20 million.

As for whether that's a high or low turnout... my view is that it's low for a strong democracy, but high for reality. I expected a 20% to 25% turnout among affiliated voters. So I think it's pretty good compared to my expectations.

But ignoring for a moment the higher profile races that are getting covered by the MSM tonight and tomorrow, I understand that Matt Jalowiec won both Cheshire and Southington by 2 to 1 margins. I congratulate Matt on his victory! A 2:1 margin is impressive.

After leaving Town Hall, I visited Sam Caligiuri's Victory Party! Here's a clip of him entering victoriously (turn down the volume):Here's a vid of his very magnanimous victory speech:Here's a pic of him answering questions from reporters after his victory speech:And here's a short vid of Sam Caligiuri's Campaign Manager, Greg Cogswell, talking next steps:And that's it for tonight. I think I'm gonna go to bed.

Tim White


Anonymous said...

The party establishment was really out of touch with GOP voters in the probate race. Voters wanted someone with experience in probate law, not some kid just out of law school. And Bowman's name didn't help him; they may be finished as a political dynasty.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The sign "Peter for Probate" kind of irked me. Am I suppose to know who "Peter" is???? Seemed a little pompous to me....

Anonymous said...

This restores my faith in the electorate being able to cut through the B.S. and choose the more qualified candidate.

Having the most election signs doesn't increase your qualifications.

Anonymous said...

Experience didn't seem to matter when Obama was running for President. If only it could have...

Anonymous said...

What about the delegates who nominated him? They should be forced to resign. They failed to do their job and represent the GOP in town. Why are they not held accountable?

tim white said...

What about the delegates who nominated him? They should be forced to resign. They failed to do their job and represent the GOP in town. Why are they not held accountable?

From what body shall they resign?

Btw, I want Matt to win and will vote for him in November. But I fail to see how your antagonism is furthering that goal.

Anonymous said...

The RTC. They clearly had some other motive. If they didn't they would have elected Matt. So why did they push a less qualified candidate? The RTC is supposed to do what is in the best interest of the town and the republicans they represent. Clearly they failed in this case and should be held accountable. They have made the RTC look really stupid.

Anonymous said...

The delegates who voted for Peter Bowman should be ashamed of themselves. Instead of backing the most qualified person with, a person with real world experince and a long standing Republican, they chose the least qualified, with no real experience and who wasn't even a Republican before March. They did a disservice to the Republican party and the people of Cheshire and Southington by not picking the best.

It's obvious that they were influenced by the special interests and that is the most disturbing part of their endorsement. I was totally turned off by their support of Boman as were the many others, and that's why Boman was trounced in Cheshire.

The end result was a true victory over money, influence and special interests.