Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Capital Budget '10/11: schools - renovations (2/4)

In reviewing the capital budget for the schools, I suggest you start with the BOEs entire proposal for 2010 / 2011. Then look at the details for code compliance and roofs and wrap it up with this five four part series on renovations, starting here with part 1 and continuing here with part 2:And my initial reaction to the second three items...

There's no spending on this in the first year of the capital budget, so this is NBD to me. But if we can make the Energy & Infrastructure RFP happen, then hopefully we'll begin moving improvements -- such as these -- into it.I'm not convinced we need to spend money on SmartBoards this year, but I have no idea where others stand. This is also interesting in that while the $250,000 proposal is below the $350,000 referendum minimum... it may be appropriate to aggregate this with prior appropriations... so that it is in excess of the $350,000... requiring that it go to referendum.I'm not sure if these kitchen renovations will happen. But with the budget overrun on the Dodd kitchen, I suspect there will be plenty of questions for the "owner" of this project. And the main problem I see is determining "ownership." At least though the PBC is moving in the right direction since they elected new leadership in January of this year. For example... though I didn't support it at referendum, I think they did a great job with the pool structure.Tim White

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Anonymous said...

I think the broken freezer at Highland should be fixed in 10/11 and move the Dodd's phase 2 & 3 out to 11/12. Go take a look at the situation. For 2 years now the food service staff at Highland has had to go outside to an outdoor freezer in all kinds of weather to get the food they need for the day.